Thursday, September 10, 2009


Kevin taking a bite out of Karen

I had a conversation with Kevin the other day. I hadn't realized that it hurt his feelings to read my last post. Apparently he felt that I had made him sound less than his big brother Steve. I guess it could look that way. I love all my children but there is just something special about Steve. When he comes to visit us he always helps clean up and can never get enough of my cooking. Kevin leaves a bit of a mess and always adds some kind of pepper to my cooking. Now, that's fine and all but y'all know I'm an excellent cook. Nothing needs added to my dishes. I have had plenty of experience to season to perfection.

Now every one knows Kevin is a good looking guy, and I wouldn't trade him for the world but it would be nice if he would just pick up after himself. Of course he did give us a really cute granddaughter! And a sweet daughter in law, But then again, Steve gave me 5 grand kids and 5 great grand kids and a sensational daughter in law.

Kevin, your a gem in your own right. Don't ever compare yourself to Steve. I know I don't!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Harper Reunion

At the end of June we went to Eastland to have a reunion for the Harper side of the family. Bill did most of the work planning it. He worked on it for over a year and it was without a doubt the best reunion we've have ever had. All of the kids were able to come this year. Steve and Lonna, Karen and John, Kevin and Joyce. Karen brought Logan and his girlfriend and Kevin brought Kimberly. All that was missing were my favorite grandchildren, Bryan, Tara, Lisa, Nolan and Shawna. It was hard on me not to have them here, but Bryan could not get out of the Pulitzer Prize Award ceremony where he was awarded for his work in gene replacement therapy for snails. We are so proud of the strides he has made. Snails around the world are able to move a little slower with his replacement genes. Tara had just entered peace talks with Legenstien and Tirandia. As anyone can imagine she could not walk out on that when she was the thread holding it all together. Thankfully she has established peace and it seems as though trade of pork rinds and snail dung has begun again. As a biproduct of her management she has ensured job securtiy for her big brother Bryan with snail dung trade. Lisa had just finished her 7th book entitled "The complete guide to Gnat management". Book tour started the same week and it is currently on the best sellers list for the 6th week in a row. Also, Oprah said it is a must read! Nolan had just caught the #1 & #79 FBI most wanted criminals. Nolan had gone in Off Duty into a convenience store to purchase liver snaps for his dogs, when out of the corner of his eye he noticed a man shopping lifting a Tootsie Roll sucker. Before the man knew what happened Nolan had him tied up with Bubble Tape and when #1's friend #79, came in looking for his leader...Nolan offered him a free Chaco Taco and the rest, as they say is Hero. Shawna had just finished her shift at Bear Lake Regional when a car actually ran into the emergency entrance. A frightened husband brought in his wife complaining of stomach pain. Shawna was the only one left standing after the accident and was forced to treat the woman by herself. You can imagine Shawna's surprise when she discovered the woman was actually pregnant..... with Triplets! They are the largest triplets in recorded history. 9.8 lbs, 9.4 lbs and 13.7. Obviously they are identical triplets. Shawna was asked to speak to the Senate about the danger of cars running into emergency entrances. She couldn't say no.
So odd how all 5 of the grand kids just had situations that forced their absence.
The really great news in this whole event came when my Favorite Daughter in Law, Lonna won a sacred, antique plate that was owned by Monk-Annie Kimmel Harper, Bill's Mother. The competition was intense, but Lonna fought her way through trashing the competition! In a complete surprise, she unselfishly gave the plate to me. I never expected it! Joyce is nice and all, but she never won anything for me. hmmm..... John never fought so tirelessly for a simple but well thought out prize such as this. So..... I guess not only is Lonna my favorite daughter in law, but my favorite child in law!!! Also,she had the good sense to marry my best looking and wittiest child! It's a good thing the kids don't read this blog, although I suspect they have always known.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Feb. 24 We went to Ranger this morning to see my mother. She is doing a lot better then she was last week. She was cheerfull and smiled a lot.
Steve and Lonna were here this past weekend and we enjoyed having them, as always. Lonna helped me with my I-Pod. I had tried to load some new c d's and something went wrong, but Lonna got it all back together.
I have been trying to take wall papper down in our bathroom and just about have it off. Of course I started a year ago. After mother fell last feb. it kind of went by the wayside, but is back in progress now. Next thing to do is to start the painting, but do not know just when that will be.
Bill went to the Dentist yesterday morning and had a tooth pulled. He had lost a crown and went to see what his options were. There was only one and that was to pull the tooth. He is feeling fine today.
Shawna, sorry to hear about your car and glad you were not hurt.

I will try to do this more often! P.J.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

My birthday message

Jan. 18, I am finally back. Bet you all thought I wouldn't do it. I just stayed at home today. This was on my list as one of the things to do today. I do not have kids at home nor do I have pets to talk about, so I will tell you what I have been doing this past week, I can not remember what I did the week before! Last week was a busy week for me. Tuesday I was at the hospital at 8:30 to get a TB shot then to make out an order for baskets and pots for the shop. Home at noon. Wednesday, back over there at 8:30 for a board meeting. Home at noon. Thursday morning back there at 8:00 A.M. to have my TB test read and then work with plants until 3:00 P.M. This V.P. is turning into a full time job. Next year I will be the president. I will take over in June. This is the Hendrick Aux. and I have been working there as a Vol. for 9 years next month.I try to go see Mema once a week although, some times it is close to two weeks. She is doing fine and is in good spirits. I will try to be better at this and do it more often. Have a good day! P J

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

here i am!

here i am trying my first attempt at blogging! Steve and Lonna are here and Lonna says I have to learn how to send and receive messages. So we will see how I do.