Thursday, September 10, 2009


Kevin taking a bite out of Karen

I had a conversation with Kevin the other day. I hadn't realized that it hurt his feelings to read my last post. Apparently he felt that I had made him sound less than his big brother Steve. I guess it could look that way. I love all my children but there is just something special about Steve. When he comes to visit us he always helps clean up and can never get enough of my cooking. Kevin leaves a bit of a mess and always adds some kind of pepper to my cooking. Now, that's fine and all but y'all know I'm an excellent cook. Nothing needs added to my dishes. I have had plenty of experience to season to perfection.

Now every one knows Kevin is a good looking guy, and I wouldn't trade him for the world but it would be nice if he would just pick up after himself. Of course he did give us a really cute granddaughter! And a sweet daughter in law, But then again, Steve gave me 5 grand kids and 5 great grand kids and a sensational daughter in law.

Kevin, your a gem in your own right. Don't ever compare yourself to Steve. I know I don't!

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